Our family business is close to our hearts so we are proud to give you an overview of our existence.


Establishment of the “Free Lace and Embroidery School” in Maldegem, by the sisters Cromheecke.


In 1905 the school and the apprenticeship of the Sisters Cromheecke hardly existed for 10 years and already had more than 100 pupils and 300 workers.


Edmond Cromheecke, a lace designer and draftsman, settles in Bruges and establishes a lace shop.


Josée Cromheecke, daughter of Edmond Cromheecke, continues the lace shop of her deceased father in the Vlamingstraat in Bruges.


Christine Verkin, daughter of Josée Cromheecke, and her husband Peter Achtergael establish a new store in Ghent named “Home Linen”.


Son and daughter Jan and Eva Achtergael start a second Home Linen store in the former building of their grandmother in Bruges.

And so it has come full circle…

Photo left: Christine Verkin with her son Jan Achtergael